s Reliable and professional occupational safety and hot work trainings

Safety trainings related to working life are handled by two professionals in the field, Työturvallisuus- ja tulityökoulutus Teppo Suominen Oy and Tulityö- ja työturvallisuuskoulutus Kalle Hankomäki Oy.

More than ten professionals from different fields conduct our trainings.  We have been operating in the Turku region for more than two decades and our location, Tavarakatu 1, is centrally located in the city of Turku. 

Nowadays, we also provide various expert services in safety management, safety assessment and rescue plans.

We always strive for reliable and friendly service;  our main values are safe working environment, high-quality operations, motivated staff and the appreciation of stakeholders. Our clientele comes from various fields of operation, but mainly from shipbuilding, construction and manufacturing industries. Our attendants work on the biggest projects in Finland at Meyer Turku Shipyard, Rauma Marine Constructions, Turku Repair Yard, Olkiluoto power plant etc. During the past 5 years we have worked in close cooperation with Meyer Turku Shipyard with the focus on their industry specific needs related to occupational and hot work safety. 

Company details:

Tulityö- ja työturvallisuuskoulutus Kalle Hankomäki Oy, 2112356-0

TES-Toimi Oy/Työturvallisuus- ja tulityökoulutus Teppo Suominen Oy, 2107824-5

Invoicing information:

Electronic invoicing to Teppo/TES-TOIMI OY:
Online invoicing address: 003721078245
INTERMEDIARY BANK: 003708599126 (OpenText)
By email: fennoa.501355@erin.posti.com