Occupational Safety Course

The occupational safety card training is intended especially for people working in common/shared workplaces. The training is one day long and includes a written exam. Upon successful completion, an Occupational Safety Card is issued, which is valid for five (5) years. This training does not replace job-specific orientation and induction.

The duration of the basic course is 7 hours + examination.

Price for the course in English: €103 + VAT. 24% / person including lunch.
See “Open trainings” and “Occupational safety card training” at the top of the page.
Inquire about the individual course rate, min. 10 persons from the same company.

The aim of occupational safety training is:

  • improve practical cooperation in common/shared workplaces between customer and supplier companies
  • support orientation and induction at shared workplaces
  • provide basic information about occupational health and safety
  • reduce overlapping training provided by different customers
  • evoke interest and motivation at companies’ own personnel’s occupational safety skills
  • strive to reduce work-related accidents and dangerous situations

The procedure is primarily designed for shared/common workplaces in the field of industry, but it is also suitable for construction, public sector, shipyards, logistics etc.

The course includes material, examination, temporary certificate, plastic card and refreshments throughout the day and lunch (only at our premises).

Occupational Safety half-day training

From 01/04/2023, the main OSH organization of Finland (TTK) allows the participation in the shortened “refreshing” occupational safety or a half-day training, 4 h + exam. This training is only be available to participants who’s occupational safety cards have not expired.

The card must be presented at the training or participants can also present a valid temporary certificate obtained from the Occupational Safety Center (TTK). You can order it yourself by sending an e-mail to kortti@ttk.fi (indicate your name and date of birth when ordering). If the card has expired, you must complete the full-day training (7.5 hours + exam).

Price in English: 95 EUR + VAT (incl. training, card, coffee/tea). In Russian: 85 EUR + VAT + translation cost.
See “Open trainings” and “Occupational safety card training” at the top of the page.